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Updates from Lockdown

Germany is currently in lockdown, but we're still creating!

Thanks to state support for artists, we've all been working on some individual projects as well as some projects for the group. We've also started a TikTok account, where we post clips from old concerts and rehearsals and solo bits, and we plan to make some "box" videos soon. Check us out @OperACappellaOfficial on TikTok. In other news, our wonderful mezzo Samantha has decided to leave the group and pursue other musical projects. We are sad to see her go but excited about the future of operAcappella. Rachel, Arno, Thomas, and Isabelle (our "new" soprano, who joined shortly before the pandemic began) have decided to move forward as a quartet. We're working on new arrangements and some new versions of old ones, and we're very excited about our new sound.

For more behind-the-scenes info and exclusive sneak peaks at what we're working on, become a patron on Patreon!

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