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Live demo, Solala A-Cappella Festival

The Sleeper

Original song, live at "the Bunker" Mönchengladbach
The sleeper (live)

The sleeper (live)

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OperAcappella was founded in 2015 by Rachel Tedder and Bethany Barber, both classically trained professional singers who sing opera and art song, musical theater, and pop.

The group’s influences range from the choral tradition of the Swingles, the King’s Singers, and Eric Whitacre to pop hits by Ed Sheeran, Queen, and Sia. With music that ranges from new, unique arrangements of pop hits to original compositions, the German-based group has delighted audiences in theaters and a cappella festivals from Dublin to Moscow. 



..."...a unique sound ... As their name suggests, the four musicians present an incomparable mix of opera and pop...The audience was thrilled!"                                                                                                              Gertrud Müller, Der Lokalbote

What Audience Members are Saying

""Finally a real concert in front of an audience again! And operAcappella was able to thrill the audience again with a unique mix of pop and opera! Thank you for letting me be part of it!" (at Bunker Güdderath, Mönchengladbach, 2021)


 "...Today, still enjoying the great impressions [of operAcappella]! Thank you, you are just great!" (at Vocal Champs A-Cappella Festival, Sendenhorst, 2019)


"It's simply awesome what's happening on stage." (at Movement Theater, Bielefeld, 2019)


"OperAcappella, for me, is one thing above all: an incredibly harmonious variety of sounds. The group manages to playfully, combine opera and pop singing into something new in a cappella. In order to discover everything that was woven together in the individual songs, I had to listen to the songs over and over - which always gives me great pleasure. The group consists of excellent singers who harmonize perfectly with each other, but they can all also step back and let the others take center stage. As an audience member, you can feel how much joy and passion they have for each other - and that they like each other very much. I have very much enjoyed all the operAcappella performances I have experienced so far and I am very much looking forward to many more performances to come." (a fan from Essen)

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